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03/10/2015 Regarding E B C 2015-16 All Inst.
21/09/2015 Regarding Merit List Checking Of NON-AICTE  
21/09/2015 Regarding Utilization Certificate of Academic Year 2013-14 and 2014-15 of E B C   
21/09/2015 Regarding Institutes running D.Pharmacy Courses in Second Shift   
16/09/2015 Display on Notice board :- 500* Scholarships work Rs. 48,000 per annum for SC/ST caniddates from ONGC   
16/09/2015 Regarding Teaching and Non-eaching payment of un-aided instituted  
16/09/2015 Regarding Wright off or Not repairable of Govt. Vehicle   
16/09/2015 Regarding Sale of DD Deposit at DTE   Of FIrst Year and Second Year (Engg. Pharmacy, Arch. HMCT COurses )   
16/09/2015 Merit - Cum - Means Scholarship Display on Notice Board    
09/09/2015 How many student get  S.T concession .  
04/09/2015 शिक्षक दिन साजरा करण्याबाबत   
03/09/2015  Seeding of AADHAR Card in E B C  
03/09/2015 Application Kits Sale Record of A R C Center   
03/09/2015 Vidhimandal 2015 Arthsankalp Adhiveshan Supplementary Kapad Suchna   
03/09/2015 Notification of State Government Minority Scholarship 2015-16  
01/09/2015 Regarding Caste Validity   
01/09/2015 Action Against Strike   All Inst.
30/08/2015 Regarding Uploading  and Cut off date POST SSC , POST HSC,  Direct Second Year Pharmacy / Engg and HMCT   
28/08/2015 Regarding POST MATRIC Scholarship 2015-16 of Minority  
27/08/2015 Regarding  Seat are Reserved for Handicap Student All Inst.
27/08/2015 Vidhimandal 2015 Arthsankalp Adhiveshan Supplementary Kapad Suchna for Govt. Poly.   
27/08/2015 Vidhimandal 2015 Arthsankalp Adhiveshan Supplementary Kapad Suchna for Govt. Engg.  Govt Inst
27/08/2015 Vidhimandal 2015 Arthsankalp Adhiveshan Supplementary Kapad Suchna For Govt. Pharmacy  Govt Inst
27/08/2015 Vidhimandal 2015 Arthsankalp Adhiveshan Supplementary Kapad Suchna  For. Polytechnic Govt Inst
27/08/2015 Regarding POST S.S.C.Admission Al;l Inst.
27/08/2015 Seniority List- III Govt Inst
27/08/2015 Seniority List- IV Govt Inst
26/08/2015 Regarding M.E./ m.Tech.  
26/08/2015 Uploading of Direct Second Year Diploma Admission  
26/08/2015 Raggaing Acts   
26/08/2015 Time Bond Promotion  Information   
14/08/2015 Important :- Orientation program on National scholarship Portal of Minority  Al;l Inst.
11/08/2015 Regarding M I S  
06/08/2015 One Day Orientation Programme  of National Scholarships Portal on Minority Scholarship  All Inst.
01/08/2015 Regarding Educationally and Socially Backward Category and Special Backward Category - A   
29/07/2015 Prime Minister Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu and Kashmir student  All Inst.
27/07/2015 Scheduled of  Vacancy Checking Direct Second Year Engg.  Admission 2015-16 All Inst.
23/07/2015 Regarding Direct Second Year Engg.  Admission 2015-16 All Inst.
20/07/2015 M I S Workshop ALL Govt.
17/07/2015 Scheduled of Direct Second Year Diploma Admission 2015-16 All Diploma Inst.
16/07/2015  Vacancy Confirmation of Direct II Year Diploma Admission  All Diploma Inst.
16/07/2015 Regarding Admission Transfer  All Inst.
15/07/2015 Regarding Center Govt. Admission - 2015-16 All Inst.
13/07/2015 Class - III Transfer Order  Govt . Inst.
10/07/2015 Regarding ESBC  
10/07/2015 Regarding First Year M.E. / M.Tech.   
06/07/2015  Admission 2015-16 ARC Amount  
04/07/2015 Regarding Tobacco in Inst.Campus  
03/07/2015 Regaring Ragging  All Inst.
03/07/2015 Regarding NEFT  Listed  Inst.
02/07/2015 Regarding Digital India Week  
29/06/2015 Regarding Direct Second Year Admission  
26/06/2015 Most Urgent - Regarding Digital India Week All Inst.
23/06/2015 Vidhimandal - 2015 arthsalppiy Adhiveshan  
23/06/2015 Correction if any In Instituted Profile  
22/06/2015 Send Report of 21st June 2015 International Yog Divas    
18/06/2015 Live Telecast on 20th Jun 2015 of Praveshacha Gateway at Engineering ARC Centers  
16/06/2015 Regarding Leave and Deputation of M.E. /M.Tech./ P.Hd.   
15/06/2015 Regarding Admission 2015 Important Instruction for professional courses   
15/06/2015 Information Acts - 2005 Information  All Inst.
12/06/2015 Regarding Architecture ARC   
12/06/2015 Regarding Architecture Admission   
12/06/2015 Architecture Notification  
12/06/2015 Minority Notification   
11/06/2015 Send Report of 21st June 2015 International Yog Divas   All Inst.
10/06/2015 21st June 2015 International Yog Divas   All Inst.
10/06/2015 Regarding EBC All Inst.
6/6/2015 As per as AICTE  Increase and Decrease of Intake of New Diploma Inst. for Year 2015-16  
04/06/2015 P C I  Recommenadation ALL Diploma Pharmacy 
04/06/2015 Regarding Marathi Languages student Employment and Self  Employment  
04/06/2015 Regarding E B C  ALL Inst. in Amravati Region 
31/05/2015 Diploma Pharmacy shapat Pratra for New diploma Instituted Page -1 , Page -2 and Page - 3 Diploma Inst.
30/05/2015 Transfer Order  Page -1 and Page -2  
25/05/2015 Class - IV Transfer Order 2015  All Inst.
22/05/2015 Woman Harassment complaint All Inst.
21/05/215 Transfer Order 2015   
19/05/2015 Sale of Tobacco in Campus  
19/05/2015 Regarding Handicap Student in Instituted  
19/05/2015 Summer Vacation -2014-15  
19/05/2015 Regarding E B C 2013 -14  
16/05/2015 Regarding E B C for Maratha and Muslim Student  ALL Inst. in Amravati Region 
14/05/2015 Information Regarding Employment of Marathi Student  ALL Inst. in Amravati Region 
13/05/2015 MBA / MMS / PGDBM -2015 Admisssion Notification ALL Inst.
08/04/2015 Admissions to the Managment Courses during academic year 2015-16  
08/04/2015 Regarding Ragging Acts  
08/04/2015 Pending / InformationActs Regarding  issues  cases  
08/04/2015 Regarding Inst. Motor  Information  
05/052015 Regarding Scholarship   
05/052015 Regarding POST HSC , POST SSC and Direct Diploma Admission  
05/052015 Shapat Patra for Acadmic 2015-16 of Degree and Post Degree  
05/052015 Regarding Professional Courses  
05/05/2015 Upload Inst. Information on AICTE Web Site  
05/05/2015  Caste Certificate of Professional course  
29/04/2015 Nodal Officer / Information Acts- 2005   
29/04/2015 ट्रेनिंग धोरण बाबत  ALL Govt. Inst.
29/04/2015 मत्ता व दायित्वे विवरण सादर करण्या बाबत  ALL Govt. Inst.
28/04/2015 Uregent :- Inform Student to update Adhaar Card and Bank Detail in his login of E B C All  Institutes/Colleges
27/04/2015 Regarding EBc ( Filled Marks) All  Institutes/Colleges
27/04/2015 Most Urgent Regarding E B C (Aadhar ) All  Institutes/Colleges
20/04/2015 Regarding ECS / NEFT All Diploma Institutes/Colleges
20/04/2015 Original Deposited Slip Checking  All  Institutes/Colleges
15/04/2015 sapata patra for Padvika Abhyaskran All Diploma Institutes/Colleges
15/04/2015 EBC Account Link with AAdhar card on DTE website All  Institutes/Colleges
06/04/2015 A.Y. 2015-16 MBA online Exam remuneration.    
06/04/2015 A.Y. 2015-16 MCA online Exam remuneration  . Govt. inst
06/04/2015 Adhaar Card for Student  All  Institutes/Colleges
04/04/2015 Instituted Information All  Institutes/Colleges
26/03/2015 Class - A filled and vacant post information All Govt. inst
24/05/2015 caste validity   
23/03/2015 Regarding NON - AICTE Merit list NON-AICTE Inst.
23/03/2015 Tobacco and Tobacco related sale in campus All  Institutes/Colleges
23/03/2015 Shikshan shulk Information  All  Institutes/Colleges
23/03/2015 ECS / NEFT Information All  Institutes/Colleges
23/03/2015 NON-AICTE Merit List Checking NON-AICTE Inst.
13/03/2015 Policy in terms of use  of  vehicle in Govt. Institute/Office All Govt. inst
13/03/2015 Class - III and IV Contract Information All Govt. inst
07/03/2015 Diploma Hearing -2015 All  Institutes/Colleges
04/03/2015 Notification All  Institutes/Colleges
27/02/2015 Approval process  Circular A.Y. 2015-16 All  Institutes/Colleges
25/02/2015 Diploma Hearing  All Diploma Institutes/Colleges
24/02/2015 Contract , Hourly Basis staff Information All Govt. inst
20/02/2015 Notification  
20/02/2015 For MPSC Requirement of School and Colleges   
20/02/2015 AICTE Notification   
18/02/2015  Information - to make Govt. Transactions by ECS/NFT   All  Institutes/Colleges
13/02/2015 Hearing to Degree/Post Degree courses All 
13/02/2015 Important Adisuchna All 
11/02/2015 A.Y. 2015-16 approval of Professional Courses All 
11/02/2015 Regarding ECS  
10/02/2015 Caste Validity Submission All Inst.
09/02/2015 Niyatkalin Transfer of class- III  and IV ALl Govt. inst
07/02/2015 A.Y. 2014-15 -  Merit List Checking of Diploma Pharmacy & Non AICTE Courses Concerned Institutes
05/02/2015 Proposal for New Institute ... etc   regarding Professional Diploma Courses  from A.Y. 2015-16  All 
05/02/2015 Govt. NOC regarding Professional Diploma Courses  A.Y. 2015-16  All 
05/02/2015 Notification for Approval process 2015-16 All 
05/02/2015 UrgentPost information in institute  Govt Institutes/Colleges
03/02/2015 Letter regarding Keeping Fixed Deposit for Diploma Courses All Non Granted Diploma Institutes
02/02/0215 Students Adhar card registration. All  Institutes/Colleges
02/02/0215 District wise skill development need in respect of Vidarbha Region. All  Institutes/Colleges
29/01/2015 Public Notice for Approval Process 2015-16  
27/01/2015 Adm. Officer (Group A/B) Transfer information  Govt Institutes/Colleges
27/01/2015 Principal,HOD, Lecturer Transfer information  Govt Institutes/Colleges
23/01/2015 Special Precaution to be taken by Institute for 26th Jan 2015 All  Institutes/Colleges
15/01/2015 Employee Information -Caste Validity Govt Institutes/Colleges
15/01/2015 Appointment of Security Guard Govt Institutes/Colleges
15/01/2015 Cancellation of admission due to unavailability of caste validity . All  Institutes/Colleges
15/01/2015 Reagrding Central Information Acts- 2005 All  Institutes/Colleges
13/01/2014 Students Adhar card Registration All  Institutes/Colleges
12/01/2015 Instructions About training attendance All  Institutes/Colleges
12/01/2015 Use of National Flag All  Institutes/Colleges
09/01/2015 Professional Courses Inst. Academic Monitoring  
08/01/2015 E B C Checking Time table All  Institutes/Colleges
08/01/2015 E B C Scrutiny Committee 1  Concerned  Staff Member
08/01/2015 E B C Scrutiny Committee 2 Concerned  Staff Member
06/01/2015 Dipex 2015 All  Institutes/Colleges
06/01/2015 Court Case All  Institutes/Colleges
02/01/2015 Circular Regarding Pardesh Daura  Govt Institutes/Colleges
24/12/2014 UrgentOnline scrutiny of pending online applications For SGS Minority Scholarship A.Y 2014-15 in institute login.

               Download : List of Institutes Pending online application  

All  Institutes/Colleges
24/12/2014 Issue regarding students admitted above 60 in D.Pharm Course. Concerned Institutes
22/12/2014 Joining Report of Contract basis lecturer Govt Institutes/Colleges
22/12/2014 A.Y. 2015-16  Degree Engg .first year admission Guidelines for Advance Taken . Concerned Institutes
22/12/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 first year admission Degree Engg./MCA .Payment of counseling round  fees . Concerned Institutes
22/12/2014 Nominations of class I officers for DoPT Training Courses Govt Institutes/Colleges
22/12/2014 Purchase Of New Motor vehicle  Govt Institutes/Colleges
22/12/2014 NITTR  Bhopal training Jan 2015 to March 2015 All  Institutes/Colleges
20/12/2014 Temporary Post information.  Govt Institutes/Colleges
20/12/2014 RTI information. Govt Institutes/Colleges
19/12/2014 भारतातील आदिवासींच्या सामिजिक व आर्थिक स्थितीचा अहवाल Govt Institutes/Colleges
18/12/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First year & Direct Second year Engineering / F.Y.Pharmacy admission related amount  All Listed ARC 
18/12/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First year ME/Mtech/ Degree Pharmacy admission related amount  All Listed ARC 
17/12/2014 Regarding Minority Hakk Day 18th Dec 2014  All  Institutes/Colleges
17/12/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First year diploma engineering/ pharmacy admission ARC account All Listed ARC 
10/12/2014 तातडीचे - हिवाळी अधिवेशन- सर्व पदांची माहिती  Govt Institutes/Colleges
09/12/2014 Joining of Contract basis lecturer Govt Institutes/Colleges
09/12/2014 Seniority list of employee having  SSC & equivalent  examination qualification. .Govt Institutes/Colleges
09/12/2014 EBC notification All  Institutes/Colleges
09/12/2014  Widhan Mandal Nagpur Adhiweshan DEC 2014 Circular .Govt Institutes/Colleges
02/12/2014 महाराष्ट्राची आर्थिक पाहणी २०१४-१५ या प्रकाशनासाठी माहिती All  Institutes/Colleges
02/12/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First Year & Direct Second Year  Post Graduate/Degree  Institute  Admission Merit list Checking. Amravati District Concerned Institutes.
2/12/2014 Third Revised Schedule of State Govt. Minority Scholarship Notification 2014-15 ( SGS ) All  Institutes/Colleges
01/12/2014 Group C & Group D Employee information ( Anusuchit Jamati) .Govt Institutes/Colleges
01/12/2014 Result and Concession Management  information update  All  Institutes/Colleges
26/11/2014 New - Status Report of Data filled in MIS system Amravati Region Govt. Inst./Colleges
26/11/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First Year MBA And MCA  Post Graduate / Degree  Institute  Admission Merit list Checking Concerned Institutes.
25/11/2014 Urgent - Important : दिनांक २6 नोव्हेंबर, 2014 संविधान दिवस साजरा करणे बाबत  All  Institutes/Colleges
21/11/2014 Letter Regarding Value Education All  Institutes/Colleges
21/11/2014 Letter Regarding : Taughts of Sawmiwiwekanand All  Institutes/Colleges
21/11/2014 Contract Basis Lecture Agreement All Govt. Inst.
21/11/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First Year MBA And MCA  Post Graduate / Degree  Institute  Admission Merit list Checking Yavatmal  Inst./ Colleges
20/11/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First Year & Direct Second Year  Post Graduate/Degree  Institute  Admission Merit list Checking. Yavatmal District Concerned Institutes.
20/11/2014 EBC application A.Y. 2014-15 Amravati Region Govt. Inst./Colleges
19/11/2013 Status report of Data filled in MIS System All Amravati Region Govt. Institutes/Colleges
19/11/2013 1] Email of AICTE : Uploading data related to Renewable Energy i.e. Solar Photovoltaic Panel Installation details in AICTE approved Institutes. 

2] Guide to Upload Data 

AICTE approved Institutes
17/11/2014 Urgent : Handicap Staff Information  Amravati Region Govt. Inst./Colleges
17/11/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First Year & Direct Second Year  Post Graduate/Degree  Institute  Admission Merit list Checking. Akola & Washim District Concerned Institutes.
17/11/2014 Reminder : A.Y. 2014-15 distribution of fees deposited in Counseling Round  to concerned Institutes All Concerned Institutes/Colleges
15/11/2014   MIS information uploading Report All Amravati Region Govt. Institutes/Colleges
14/11/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First Year  Post Graduate/Degree  Pharmacy  Admission Merit list Checking. Amravati District Concerned Institutes.
14/11/2014 Circular regarding merit list checking All Non Granted Concerned Institutes/Colleges
13/11/2014 F.Y. Degree Engg. Admission 2014-15 Letter regarding Processing  fees of Institute level & Minority seats.. All Concerned Institutes/Colleges
13/11/2014 Urgent :    MIS information uploading Circular ..   

 Time limit : 15/11/2014

All Amravati Region Govt. Institutes/Colleges
13/11/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 distribution of fees deposited in Counseling Round  to concerned Institutes All Concerned Institutes/Colleges
12/11/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First Year & Direct Second year Diploma Engg. Admission Merit list Checking.  Amravati District Concerned Institutes.
11/11/2014  Seniority List  Class IV As on 01/01/2014   -     1]   Letter    2] Seniority List All Amravati Region Govt. Institutes/Colleges
11/11/2014 Seniority List Class III As on 01/01/2014   -     1]   Letter    2] Seniority List All Amravati Region Govt. Institutes/Colleges
11/11/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First Year & Direct Second year Diploma Engg. Admission Merit list Checking.  Yavatmal District Concerned Institutes.
10/11/2014 Regarding EBC All Concerned Institutes/Colleges
10/11/2014  Regarding NOC All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
10/11/2014 Contract Basis Lecturer Information Concerned Govt. Institutes
05/11/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First Year & Direct Second year Diploma Engg. Admission Merit list Checking.   Akola & Washim District Concerned Institutes.
05/11/2014 IMP : Office Order for Merit list Checking  Concerned Govt. Institutes
03/11/2014 SGS Minority scholarship A.Y. 2014-15 Application not submitted / Scanned copy not uploaded institute list All  Institutes/Colleges
31/10/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 First Year & Direct Second year Diploma Engg. Admission Merit list Checking.  Buldhana District Concerned Institutes.
30/10/2014 DTE Circular All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
30/10/2014 Central Govt. Merit Cum means Scholarship  All  Institutes/Colleges
29/10/2014 Regarding Chief Secretary Meeting  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
29/10/2014 Bond paper & Joining report of  contract basis Lecturer All concerned Govt. Institutes/Colleges
27/10/2014 आश्वासित प्रगती योजना संदर्भात कार्माच्र्यांचे सादर  करणे बाबत  All Govt./ Aided Institutes/Colleges
20/10/2014 Urgent :- Reagrding Minority Form  
20/1/2014 Regarding E B C  
20/10/2014 Most Urgent :- Information of Mahit Adhikar   
18/10/2014 Urgent -         1] Letter regarding MIS Data uploading errors.

 Download  -  2]   RTI Module Template   3]  Legal Case Module Template 

All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
13/10/2014 Revised Schedule for SGS minority scholarship  All  Institutes/Colleges
10/10/2014 Joining Report of contract basis Lecturer All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
10/10/2014 Information of employee staying in Govt. Hostel  &  taking HRA & TA   
10/10/2014 Reminder :Refund of Remaining Information brochure & Application kits (Degree Inst) All concerned  Degree Inst
10/10/2014 Reminder :Refund of Remaining Information brochure & Application kits (Dip. Inst.) All concerned    Dip. Inst. 

Office order for Contract Basis Lecturers in Polytechnics (1.10.2014) 

Office Order - Contract Basis Assistant Professor (Unrevised) and Lecturer (Unrevised) Date : 01.10.2014 

All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
01/10/2014 EBC Online application  All  Institutes/Colleges
01//10/2014 New Urgent - Reminder MIS online data uploading All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
01//10/2014 SGS Revised Minority Scholarship Notification 2014-15  
30/09/2014 Very Important and Urgent  :- Regarding RCM Information All  Institutes/Colleges
29/09/2014 To make A-view Centers available for teachers training. Degree Engg. Institutes
26/09/2014 Scanned copy Institute Information  All  Institutes/Colleges
26/09/2014 MCM Schlaship Notification All  Institutes/Colleges
24/09/2014 Filled & Vacant Post Information  
24/09/2014 Very Important - Regarding MIS   
20/09/2014  Information regarding ladies  toilet  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
18/09/2014 Regarding Staff Information of Professional courses  
18/09/2014 Regarding E B C budget   
17/09/2014 कर्णबधीर व मुकबधीर कर्मचार्यांना विशेष वाहतूक भत्ता मंजूर करणे बाबत All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
17/09/2014 Imp : Post Information as on 31.08.2014. All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
15/09/2014 Information Required- PIL no 20/2012 High Court on its motion verses Maharashtra Govt. All  Institutes/Colleges
12/09/2014 New Refund of Remaining Information brochure & Application kits All ARC centers
06/09/2014 Reminder No 2 :  Result & Concession Management  Data updating All  Institutes/Colleges
05/09/2014 आश्वासित प्रगती योजना -Group C & Group D employee information  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
04/09/2014 Refund of Remaining Information brochure & Application kits All ARC centers
22/08/2014 A.Y.  2013-14 Direct Second Year Degree Admission ARC  Application Sails  report & submission of DD. All Concerned ARC
20/08/2014 SR.CLERK SENIORITY LIST FINAL   All Govt. Inst.
14/08/2014 Admission A.Y. 2014-15- Admission  Cut off date & uploading date  
14/08/2014 Urgent : Teaching Post Information - Time limit 19/08/2014 All  Institutes/Colleges
13/08/2014 Govt. Of  Maharashtra Minority Scholarship Notification A.Y. 2014-15 All  Institutes/Colleges
13/08/2014 Admission 2014-15 Submission Of DD Received at counseling round . All Amravati Region Counseling centers
11/08/2014 Regarding 7610 (Home Loan and Computer Loan List) All Govt. Inst.

Round of admission by counseling (CAP Round-III) for Admission to First Year of Post SSC Diploma Courses in Engineering/Technology 2014-15.

08/08/2014 Direct Second Year 2014-15 Admission Vacancy Confirmation Order All Degree Colleges.
07/08/2014 Communication of seats available for admission to Direct Second Year Engg./Pharmacy for the Year 2014-15 All Degree Colleges.
07/08/2014 About Accreditation of AICTE recognized Diploma Institutes.  All AICTE recognized Diploma Institutes
06/08/2014 Notification for Additional Round for vacancies in Government, Aided and University Managed Institutes , University Departments , ICT Mumbai  Degree Engg. admission
05/08/2014 Letter Regarding  Backward class employee demand, (Kasttribe Karmachari Mahasangha, Nagpur). All Concerned Institutes/Colleges
31/07/2014 Seniority List Class III .(Amravati Region.)

Seniority List Class IV. (Amravati Region)

All  Govt. Institutes/Colleges in Amravati Region
30/07/2014 Curricular regarding training All  Institutes/Colleges
30/07/2014 Regarding Handicap All  Institutes/Colleges
19/07/2014 मत्ता व दायित्व सादर करणे बाबत  All  Govt. Institutes/Colleges
16/07/2014 Application Kit and  Information Broucher For POST SSC  
11/07/2014 Regarding Instituted Transfer and change of Institute  All   Institutes/Colleges
11/07/2014 Regarding Direct Second Year Admission 2014-15 All   Institutes/Colleges
08/07/2014 Anti Raging   
08/07/2014 Training Information  All   Institutes/Colleges
03/07/2014 POST HSC Admisssion Application Kit ALL POST HSC ARC 
03/07/2014 Closure of Degree and Post Graduate Degree / Diploma Programm in Enggg.Courses from Academic year 2014-15 in the Maharashtra State All  Institutes/Colleges
02/07/2014 Surrender of Seat  All P.G./ U.G. Institutes/Colleges
01/07/2014 Urgent & Time Limit (05/07/2014 at 12.00 pm):- मत्ता व दायित्व सादर करणे बाबत  All  Govt. Institutes/Colleges
01/07/2014 Urgent & Time Limit (02/07/2014 at 12.00 pm):- Post Information Class - I and Class-II  
27/06/2014 Time Limit :- Regarding Teaching Post Information of Professional Courses for  Academic Year 2014-15 All  Institutes/Colleges
27/06/2014 Training on Systematic Procurement and Maintenance of Hardware and Software All  Govt. Institutes/Colleges
23/06/2014 POST SSC Transfer With In  Institute All POST S S C Institute
23/06/2014 POST S S C ( Diploma )ARC Training  All POST S S C ARC
23/06/2014  Web Notification of Minority All  Institutes/Colleges
23/06/2014 Regarding DSD Application Kit ALL DSD ARC
23/06/2014 100 Crore Tree Plantation  
19/06/2014 Regarding E B C  All  Aided and Un-aided  Institutes/Colleges
18/06/2014 POST SSC Diploma Admission Notification  2014-15  
17/06/2014 Pharmacy Admission Notification -2014-15  
16/09/2014 मत्ता व दायित्व सादर करणे बाबत  All  Institutes/Colleges
16/09/2014 Regarding C.S.Metting for Improe Technical Education All U.G.and P.G. Institutes/Colleges
12/06/2014 Regariding MPharm seat distribution A.Y. 2014-15 All Pharmacy Institutes/Colleges
12/06/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 Professional Courses Admission All  Institutes/Colleges
12/06/2014 Running of Pharmacy courses in IInd shift. All Pharmacy Institutes/Colleges
12/06/2014 ISTE  e-newsletter. All  Institutes/Colleges
09/06/2014 Training on MS-EXCEL-2010  All  Govt. Institutes/Colleges
09/06/2014 Regarding MIS Software  All  Govt. Institutes/Colleges
09/06/2014 Remainder About  INFORMATION OF MARATHA RESERVATION All  Institutes/Colleges
09/06/2014 One Week Short Term Training Program At Govt. College of Engg.Jalgaon All Engg. Institutes/Colleges
09/06/2014 ARC training order for Pharmacy  Admission -2014 -15  All Phharmacy Institutes/Colleges
09/06/2014  ARC training order for Engineering Admission -2014 -15  All Engg. Institutes/Colleges
07/06/2014 Draft Institute Information for POST SSC  DIPLOMA All POST SCC Diploma Institutes
06/06/2014 Draft Institute Information for Engg  All Engg. Institutes/Colleges
05/06/2014 Court Case No. 103/2011 All  Institutes/Colleges
05/06/2014 Regarding CDTP Information All Govt.  Poly.Institutes 
04/06/2014 Direct IInd Year 2013-14 Engg / Pharmacy Information Boucher and Application form Sold Information Listed Instituted
04/06/2014 INFORMATION OF MARATHA RESERVATION All  Institutes/Colleges
04/06/2014  Regarding C M J University of Ph.D.  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
04/06/2014 Regarding Admission 2014-15 of PGDM / MBA / MMS All  MBA Colleges
03/06/2014 Regarding PIL No. 20/2012 All  Institutes/Colleges
03/06/2014 Regarding Caste Validity Certificate All  Institutes/Colleges
03/06/2014 Vidhan Mandel Adhiweshan - 2014 Staff Appointed at Instituted  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
02/06/2014 Vidhan Mandel Adhiweshan - 2014 Staff Appointed  At Regional Office All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
31/05/2014 RTI - 2005 All  Institutes/Colleges
27/05/2014 Professional courses Approval & affilication Information All PG/ Degree colleges
27/05/2014 Most Urgent Information required for Hon'ble Chief Secretary meetting.Time limit 29/05/2014. All  Institutes/Colleges
27/05/2014 Adhisuchana All  Institutes/Colleges
27/05/2014 Live Telecast at 200 ARCs regarding guidance on Admission Process from 31st May to 2nd Jun 2014 at Mumbai University Kalina Campus  
26/05/2014 Policy for implementation of  CSR activities All polytechnics
23/05/2014 Information under  Information Right 2005 All polytechnics
23/05/2014 Minority students admission ....Govt. Polytechnic, Nanded G. P. Yavatmal
23/05/2014 A.Y. 2014-15 admission - Professional courses University affilication verification All PG/ Degree colleges
23/05/2014 Programme on Management of CDTP Scheme for Maharashtra State All polytechnics
23/05/2014 Offiice order for ARC Inspection Concerned Govt. Institutes/Colleges
22/05/2014  Charge Hand Over of Principal ( Govt. Instituted and unadided Instituted )  
22/05/2014 Lecture Information of Govt. Instituted and adided Instituted  
22/05/2014 Regarding Deputation of Deputed Officer / Staff All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
21/05/2014 Training on Change in Management & Capacity Building For e-Governance All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
19/05/2014 Regarding C.S.Meeting Information All  Institutes/Colleges
20/05/2014 Electoral roll for Amravati division Teachers' Constituency All  Institutes/Colleges
19/05/2014 Regarding  Tree Plantation of Amount 100 crore All  Institutes/Colleges
19/05/2014 C.S. Meeting All  Institutes/Colleges
16/05/2014 Regarding Institute Proposal of New coureses,Increase/decrease in intake etc Concerned Institutes/Colleges
13/05/2014 Extention of Aprovel AICTE Notice All  Institutes/Colleges
12/05/2014  A.Y. 2014-15  Important Instructions for Institutes participenting in cap Round regarding Deficiency in CAP affidavit. Concerned Institutes
08/05/2014 Important and Time Limit :- Regarding MIS All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
08/05/2017 Important Regarding  Minority All  Institutes/Colleges
08/05/2014 Regarding R.C.M.. All  Institutes/Colleges
03/04/2014 Regarding E B C Important All  Institutes/Colleges
29/04/2014 ??? ????????? ????? / ????????? ? ????????? ??? ????? ?????? ????  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
29/04/2014 VERY IMPORTANT :- Regarding Contract Lecture Information ALl Govt. Diploma  Inst.
28/04/2014 Regarding Caste Validity Information ALl Govt. Diploma  Inst.
24/04/2014 Amravati vibhag Shishk matadar sngha Niwadnuk matadar yadi babat.  
23/04/2014 Summer Vacation  ALl Govt. Diploma  Inst.
22/04/2014 Urgent  Principals Meeting - Dt. 23th April 2014  Specified Govt. Polytechnics.
22/04/2014 Amravati vibhag Shishk matadar sngha Niwadnuk matadar yadi babat. All Amravati Region  Institutes/Colleges
17/04/2014 Regarding POST-SSC DD  
17/04/2014 Regarding POST-SSC DD  
17/04/2014 Regarding POST-HSC DD  
15/04/2014 Regarding Selection and Senior Grade  ALl Govt. Inst.
07/04/2014 Regardin Regonal imbalance in the selection of the candidate ALl Govt. Inst.
05/04/2014 Important & Urgent  - Information required for C.S Meeting  All Institutes/Colleges
04/04/2014 Important :-C.S.Meeting   
04/04/2014 Important - Regarding JEE (Main) 2014  
01/04/2014 Regarding Confidential Reports 2013-14  ALl Govt. Inst.
27/03/2014 Regarding RTI - 2005  
24/03/2014 Regarding Vocational Courses of Dr. Babasaheb  Ambedkar Tech. University   
20/03/2014 Regarding Add mission 2014-15   
20/03/2014 Notification - V  
20/03/2014 Results and Concession Management  update Information  
21/03/2014 General Notification - II All Institutes/Colleges
20/03/2014 Curricular  
20/03/2014 High school Teacher Training for 5 day  
20/03/2014 Regarding Information Loans and PLA account  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
18/03/2014 Regarding Admission availability of Building and Staff All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
18/03/2014 NON-AICTE Merit List  All Non-Aicte Institutes/Colleges
18/03/2014 DTE Curricular  
18/03/2014 Regarding 2014-15 Intake variation and reduction All Diploma Institutes/College
13/03/2014 Caste Verification Information All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
13/03/2014 Affiliation for Academic 2013-14 and 2014-15  
12/03/2014 Vacant post information Year 2014- Group 'D' All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
11/03/2014 ARC Activity  All Institutes/Colleges
11/03/2014 Regarding PGDM for Academic 2014-15  
10/03/2014 Publish Nagrinkachi Sanad  
06/03/2014 Adoption of Blended Learning Mode by Technical Inst.  
06/06/2014 Regarding Information Acts - 2005 All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
06/03/2014 Online updating of MIS  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
05/03/2014 Adhawa Baitak - 2014 All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
05/03/2014 Regarding Pharmacy Admission 2014-15  All Institutes/Colleges
04/03/2014 Online uploading of Students Information in placement Module through Institute Login All Institutes/Colleges
04/03/2014 CISTE- PTU sponsored Faculty development programme on 
challenges in Environment protection & Green technology
All Engineering Institutes
04/03/2014 Regarding Queries of  EBC  
01/03/2014 Regarding Merit List of Engg. All Institutes/Colleges
25/02/2014 Regarding ARC Undertaking for Diploma Inst. All Institutes/Colleges
25/02/2014 Upload Results and Concession Information  
25/02/2014 Increase and  Decrease in Intake for academic 2014-15 All Institutes/Colleges
25/02/2014 Regarding Admission 2014-15 All Institutes/Colleges
20/02/2014 Letter Regarding AICTE Advertisement All Institutes/Colleges
18/02/2014 Office Order for EBC form checking . All Govt. Polytechnics
14/02/2014 Vacant Post Information Class I All Govt. Polytechnics
13/02/2014 E B C order All Institutes/Colleges
13/02/2014 Urgent & Time Limit :- Regarding  E B C All Institutes/Colleges
13/12/2014 Regarding National Level Paper Presentation at Govt. Polytechnic . Amravati  (INNOVISION 2014) All Institutes/Colleges
12/02/2014 Imp Letter Regarding 13/02/2014 strike All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
11/02/2014 Carrier Advancement scheme All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
11/02/2014 Regarding  EBC   
11/02/2014 Regarding Ist and IInd Shift extension for Diploma Inst. Year2014-15 All Institutes/Colleges
10/02/2014 A- View Technology available by Video conferencing All   Engg. Institutes
10/02/2014 Revise-Class III & class IV employee transfer information. All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
8/02/2014 Regarding Diploma Instituted Permission  
07/02/2014 Class III & class IV employee transfer information. All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
07/02/2014 MOST IMPORTANT  AND URGENT -LAQ-4441 All Institutes/Colleges
06/02/2014 SPOKEN TUTORIAL PROJECT All Institutes/Colleges
06/01/2014 Regarding Merit List of Post HSC Diploma 2013-14 All Institutes/Colleges
05/01/2014 REGARDING DIPEX 2014  
03/02/2014 Extension of Date for Diploma Inst.for 2014-15 All Diploma  Institutes/Colleges
03/01/2014 MOST IMPORTANT Update data in Result and Concession Management for Year 2013-2014 and previous years if remaining immediately. All Institutes/Colleges
31/01/2014 National Level Paper Presentation at Govt. Polytechnic . Amravati  (INNOVISION 2014) All Institutes/Colleges
30/01/2014 Govt. Polytechnic . Amravati - ISTE Approved Self financed One -Week Training programme  on GIII-14 All Institutes/Colleges
30/01/2014 S.C./S.T. Student Information  
30/01/2014 Amount  not submitted by ARC of Year 2013-14  
29/01/2014 Regarding Admission 2014-15  
29/01/2013 Urgent Employee  Information  (Class I to Class IV) Regarding Maraha Reservation  All Institutes/Colleges
29/01/2014 Regarding ARC All Diploma  Institutes/Colleges
24/01/2014 Tanker Mukta Goon   
24/01/2014 Regarding Degree and Post Degree Admission  
24/01/2014 Regarding  Permission for Diploma Process in  Academic Year 2014-15  All Institutes/Colleges
21/01/2014 DDO ANNOUNCEMENT All Govt.
21/01/2014 Regarding MARATHA ARAKHASHAN All Institutes/Colleges
17/01/2014 Planning and Managment Laboratory for supporting staff  
08/01/2014 Employee Information All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
08/01/2014 Niyatkalin Govt Transfer All  Govt
07/01/2014 Merit List Verification   
30/12/2013 Post  Information (Sanctioned,Vacent) All  Govt Diploma Engg. Institutes
27/12/2013 Membership of IEDSSA All Institutes/Colleges
23/12/2013 A.Y. 2013-14  First Year & Direct Second Year Diploma Engg. Merit List Checking. All Diploma Engg. Institutes
21/12/2013 Regarding MARATHA ARAKHASHAN All Institutes/Colleges
19/12/2013 Planing & Managing Laboratory training (for supporting staff) All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
17/12/2013 One Day Faculty Development Programme by KDC for 2014 All Institutes/Colleges
17/12/2013 Sanction and filled post of class-III and IV All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
16/12/2013  STTP  Programme at Government Polytechnic, Amravati All Institutes/Colleges
16/12/2013 Training Information RTI 2005 All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
16/12/2013 Regarding MARATHA Backlog All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
13/12/2013 SGS minority scholarship Revised schedule  All Institutes/Colleges
13/12/2013 Regarding Lab. Technician Post  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
09/12/2013 Most Urgent:  Vacant Post Information Tribal district Amravati & Yavatmal Dist. Govt. Institutes/Colleges
07/12/2013 DTE MIS update  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
06/12/2013 Vidhan Madal Adhiwetion  order All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
06/12/2013 Merit list checking Concerned Institutes
06/12/2013 Merit list Checking  Concerned Institutes
05/12/2013 Handicap Information All Institutes/Colleges
5/11/2013 Teaching Post Information All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
04/12/2013 Imp LAQ :Vacant Post Information Amravati & Yavatmal Dist. Govt. Institutes/Colleges
03/11/2013  Merit List Checking  For  Buldhana Dist. Concerned Institutes
03/11/2013 Pharmacy Merit List Checking  Concerned Institutes
02/12/2013 New Letter regarding Vidhan Parishad LAQ no 10315 (Winter 2010) All Institutes/Colleges
  IMP : JEE Main Examination 2014 Online Form submission Notification Dt.12/11/2013   
30/11/2013 Merit List Checking for Yavatmal Dist. Concerned Institutes
28/11/2013 Imp: Regarding Joining of Contract Basis Lecturer All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
27/11/2013 A.Y. 2013-14 Merit list chacking. All Institutes/Colleges
26/11/2013 All India Survey On Higher Education (AISHE) All Institutes/Colleges
25/11/2013 List of Institutes Not forwarded SGS Scholarship Rports/Hard copy to R.O. Amravati..........As per our letter no 3107 Dated 21/11/2013 All Concerned Institutes
22/11/2013 LAQ NO : 44274- All State Govt. employee property information All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
22/11/2013  New Diploma Merit List Checking Postponed For Akola and Washim Dist. Diploma and Degree Institutes/Colleges
22/11/2013 Diploma Merit List Checking For Akola and Washim Dist. Diploma and Degree Institutes/Colleges
22/11/2013 Regarding Woman complaint  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
21/11/2013 Training office order All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
21/13/2013 Regarding Uploading SGS Minority Scholarship  reports All Institutes/Colleges
21/11/2013 Remainder All Institutes/Colleges
20/11/2013 Regarding Service Book Duplicate COpy All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
20/11/2013 Regarding E.B.C. All Institutes/Colleges
19/11/2013 Training Programme on Regional Language Computing etc All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
19/11/2013 A.Y. 2013-14 Direct Second Year Degree Engineering Admission ARC A/C & Mandhan All Concerned ARC
19/11/2013 A.Y. 2013-14 First Year Degree Engineering Admission ARC A/C & Mandhan All Concerned ARC
19/11/2013 A.Y. 2013-14 First Year Degree Pharmacy Admission A/C ARC & Mandhan All Concerned ARC
19/11/2013 Alpasankhanka Kalyan Divas  " 20Nov 2013"  All Institutes/Colleges
19/11/2013 Handicap Demand information All Institutes/Colleges
16/11/2013 Information Major UGC  Project All Institutes/Colleges
16/11/2013 Cast validity Certificate A.Y. 2012-13 & Direct Second year admission 2013-14 Concerned Engg. Colleges
16/11/2013 Group C & Group D employee Information All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
14/11/2013 Instructions To All Institutes All Institutes/Colleges
13/11/2013 A.Y. 2013-14 Online EBC form All Institutes/Colleges
11/11/2013 SGS Minority scholarship Revised Schedule of Activities All Institutes/Colleges
11/11/2013 Higher education for Handicap Person All Institutes/Colleges
07/11/2013 Seniority List as on  01/01/2013 letter

Seniority List as on  01/01/2013 PDF file

All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
07/11/2013 Teaching Staff information All  Non Granted  Diploma Institutes
07/11/2013 Information Regarding Handicap All Institutes/Colleges
30/10/2013 RTI information ( scholarship) All Govt. Dip.Institutes
30/10/2013 Students hostel information All  Institutes/Colleges
29/10/2013 Jr Clerk & Sr.Clerk  Training Nov 2013 All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
29/10/2013 Rasta Surksha Abhiyan purskar All  Non Granted Institutes/Colleges
29/10/2013 ReminderOnline EBC - Course fee uploading All Institutes/Colleges
29/10/2013 Regarding training Year 2013-14 All Institutes/Colleges
28/10/2013 Selling of  old/write off vehicle  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
24/10/2014 Direct second Yr Diploma admission A.Y. 2013-14 account report. All Dip. Institutes ARC
23/10/2013 Minority loan Advertisement  All Institutes/Colleges
23/10/2013 Online EBC - Course fee uploading All Institutes/Colleges
23/10/2013 Urgent : Submission of  Online filled EBC application forms at R.O.Amravati All Institutes/Colleges
22/10/2013  Letter regarding online Minority Scholarship students problem. All Institutes/Colleges
22/10/2013 Urgent : UGC Affiliation status for newly started PG courses in A.Y. 2013-14 in Institute. PG Colleges
21/10/2013 Regarding A.Y. 2012-13 admitted students cast validity & A.Y. 2013-14 Direct Second year Vacant seats. Concerned Degree Engg Colleges
18/10/2013 IMP : MCM minority Scholarship pending applications at institute level Degree/PG Colleges
17./102013 Admitted students report regarding Counseling Round held At Govt. Polytechnic Amravati. All Dip.Engg.  Institutes
15/10/2013 Regarding Class IV promotion   (Shipai) All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
15/10/2013 ARC Account report Diploma ARC
15/10/2013 Clerical cadre exam result All Govt. Institutes/Colleges
15/10/2013 Tree plantation report All Institutes/Colleges
08/10/2013 Suggestions for  A.Y. 2013 Diploma admission Rules & Online process All Dip. Institutes
07/10/2013 Regarding Students name Transferred from Ma Vaishnavi Ploytechnic, Karanja Lad to other Institutes Concerned Polytechnic Collegs

MCM -Minority Scholarship Pending Applications at Inst Level. 

1] Letter   2] Institute List

Degree/PG Colleges
01/10/2010 Degree/ PG admission A.Y. 2012-13 Cast validity Certificate Truti  Degree/PG Colleges
30/09/2013gf Urgent Reminder University Affiliated  Institute / Colleges statistical information All Institutes/Colleges
30/09/2013 Training on effective e-communication  All Govt. Institutes/Colleges

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